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Originally Posted by Sam335ix View Post
Time for us to stop aiding others and let them kill each other. You want peace? Stay the f out of the crazies way of life and take care of our own. Natural disaster relief is fine, but if two nations want to wipe each other off the face of the earth then let them. By helping one or getting involved only creates enemies which we end up paying for a decade or two later. I know what I am suggesting will never happen in mankinds future.... Now I am going to stfu and dream about my M3 2014 euro delivery lol.

Read through this whole thread and this is the best solution. There's no reason to police the world... look at how many people love the police here at home. Let the Middle easterners work out their own issues. I do not know what life is like over there, but it doesn't seem pleasant. As much as Americans gripe about our situation at home, however it is one of the best places on earth. I know if someone tried to behead a solider where I live there wouldn't be time for them to wait for the police to arrive, they would already have met their end. I'm proud to live here and thank all those who served in our armed forces... Your far greater men and women (present and PAST) than I will ever dream to be.
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