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Funny that nobody answered this when I posted it but lots of responses since it got zombied 5 months later. I sold that E90 auto and bought an E92 manual that had fairly new michelin ps2 run flats so my tire purchase is put off until some time this fall.

I definitely had these tires--I think we have had this exchange before Gary. :-) I drive 25 to 30 thousand miles a year so I go through lots of tires....I had used General Exclaim's UHP's before so I tried the g-max right when they were released.

I have decided to stick to non directional tires if possible so that I can at least rotate them side to side as a possible remedy for noise. When I say they were loud on my Infiniti I mean they were so loud you had to yell to be heard inside the car at certain speeds....and this was the fronts with at least 40% tread left.