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@MGM I'm the one who posted over in the Florida forum. Trust me when I say adjusters are pretty crafty. I work for a small/medium sized insurance company and our adjusters are trained pretty well to track down information. Every six months they take a class on "cyber tactics" to investigate claims. In most cases claims are pretty straight forward, but we have an SIU division just for the "out of the norm" claims and car fires fall under that category since they are not that common. A large majority of them end up as insurance fraud. Again... I am just trying to help. Your insurance company may not even care and will just write you a check, but in that slim chance that they do, any mention of modifications to your car can open the door for an investigation.

You are right they can't identify you by your screen name, but there are pictures of your car burning which I would definitely consider taking down. You can't see your license plate clearly, but your car is pretty identifiable in the pics and also the surrounding area.

Just trying to help that's all.