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Originally Posted by MGM
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Dude take this thread down. Take the Picts off. The take advice from the guy in the Florida forum... Better be safe than sorry.
We are talking about an insurance company and NOT BMW trying to deny a claim. How would my insurance know my screenname? How would they know I am on E90post? I didn't tell the insurance anything other than interior/exterior upgrades! Of which they said they would reimburse if I have receipts.
Bro at the end of the day it's your life... Ur car.. And you have to deal with it. We are just trying to help by giving advice that may potentially save ur butt in the future...

I had a friend who had a supra fire and lost an insurance claim bc he posted Picts on a supra forum with details of what happen.. and we have no freaking clue how they found out he was on a random Internet supra forum...

Anyway- boosted90 post pretty much summarizes everything that could potentially happen..

Good luck with everything. Take it easy man
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