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What is the size on the outlet piping? Might be a noob question but I wonder if two high flow cats can be welded onto these headers. Like take a piece of pipe out and replace with high flow cats. I don't plan on getting a tune anytime soon (my last modified) so I would think the a/f ratio to good. Without those cats and o2 sensors in line, I feel like the ratio will be off. Am I wrong here or no?
To be honest, I don't think the gains from HFC's alone would be worthwhile, given the cost of doing so. Maybe you could find cheap stock manifolds and do that. It would be better than buying mine then having cats put in. I don't see a big market in that for me to rebuild a jig based off a set with high flow cats. On the A/F topic. I can conclusively say without looking at ratios before and after. My experience is that my mpg improved greatly.

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I'm willing to pay a deposit if that helps...I assume others who are serious would be willing to do the same. Let's get these made!
If I can get just two people to commit 50% down I am more than willing to put up the rest for 10-15 sets.