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Originally Posted by tylerwillingham View Post
I was just reading some stuff and also read that 6FL isn't compatible with cars produced before March 07. My car was built in 06... is this one of the false incompatibilities or is this an actual impossibility?

If we're talking $1,000 + then I might as well just do the CCC retrofit and make sure I get the usb+aux hub. I plan on having the car for awhile so it might be a worthwhile upgrade.
Yes, you can do the oem way and will not cost you an arm and a leg..

All you need is the following:
1. Software update to your CCC (to recognise the following)
2. MULF2 unit (search, they are all over ebay, around $150)
3. USB HSD cable.
4. AUX cable..

Since you already have Bluetooth, you will have the BT antenna going into the ULF, and will plug into the MULF.

Wire them up, and code your CCC, and you will have 6FL and 644..

Should be well under half of a grand...

BT streaming is part of Combox which is only compatible with the CIC and upwards..
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