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I have had such an unlucky spell lately

I was going through a width restriction in central London, a very tight one... Range rovers were having to go over the kerbs to get through... And I very lightly scraped my rims going through.. The Ferrari behind me didn't take as much car and I heard his wheels scrape from my car....OUCH

Then being angry all day, I went to park in the largest space and kerbed my bloody wheel again!!!! NOT HAPPY!!!! Considering the shows are coming up.... They are not massive, but enough to make it an eye sore....

What would you do? Refurb 3 wheels or leave it for the moment?

Also I have been wanting to spend my money on a big service... Looking at doing the following

Spark plugs
Fuel filter
Auto trans fluid change (not filter)
BMW coolant
Rear diff fluid
Power steering fluid
Oil and filter
Brake fluid, lines , discs and lads
Carbon cleaning of intake mani