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OBDII Code 0306. Code only thrown with PROcedeinstalled. HELP

So I have been throwing my service engine light and/or limp mode almost daily in my car since I have installed Procede....... I have checked wiring many times. Vishnu Tuning has told me that since I am only throwing one specific code(306 "cylinder 6 misfire") that it isnt the PROcede it has to be something else... When the chip is defective and/or installed incorrectly it would throw multiple codes not just one. First they wanted me to make sure it didnt happen with PROcede installed but with the stock map loaded..... So for a week and a half I ran the car with the chip installed but with stock map loaded. I drove my car harder than ever trying to create the problem with no trouble at all... So then they thought it would either be a bad spark plug or a bad coil pack. So I ordered the special tool to remove the spark plug and replaced spark plug #6. I also swapped coil pack #1 with #6. I still throw code 306 and have limp mode almost any time I get on it. I have also cleared the code and took it to service and they found no problems... They also ran a stress test on the fuel pump.

I am hoping someone will have a solution to this for I am ready to uninstall my PROcede and trade in the damn car..... At my wits end..... ANYONE?