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Originally Posted by nicknaz View Post
I think BMW has always made and continues to make the best sporty commuter cars out there so to me, the brand is still going strong and I'll likely continue to drive a 3 series sedan type car.

I don't think BMW makes sports cars well at all so I won't be driving one of those from BMW in the future
They don't make sports cars at all really. Only the Z line could even be considered for that category. The Ms are all clearly "hot sedan" GTs and always have been.

I'm old enough to vividly remember the E30 M3 and the original M6 when they were brand spanking new and a good buddy of mine owned both. For all of the winsome nostalgia, in their day they were no different than their equivalents today. ALL cars were lighter back then and NO cars had tons of electronic assist. Safety regulations allowed the former to be possible and the latter didnt exist yet.

I've driven the F30 and I honestly think people are just massively overstating the difference, then using mag "evidence" as confirmation bias.

Just as with Audi, the electric steering feels weird at low speeds. That's pretty much it. I am sure it will evolve with time and, the good news, is a lot can probably done to it with just software.

Jumping into an EPS for the first time always causes controversy. Was exactly the same with Audi and Porsche and, back in the day, was the same with power steering and ABS. These debates are endlessly recycled, but progress marches on, new people find new things to like, and some choose to jump off the train and stick with some old thing that is comfortable to them.

I have friends who consider nearly any car made after 1979 a complete, disconnected, poorly built POS. Everyone draws their "line" in a different place, then finds like minded folks to help "prove" that their line is "right"