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Sorry for the late responses guys, not being an arrogant pr**k I was just away getting some sun lol Thanks for all the comments

Originally Posted by Danny.B. View Post
been waiting for this since I saw your mirrors! lets see fitted pics!
Not got any yet as im not happy with the stance but 1 pic now up.

Originally Posted by Josh1a1h View Post
Very intrigued to see how the wheels make the car mate. dips clearly has done a pucker job!

Thought about red accents on the rear carbon diffuser?
It did cross my mind but I want to keep the red minimal as I can as without the wheels in view the red on the badges is quite in your face.

Originally Posted by AWBimmer View Post
Yeah top work to Dips and his boys, but very keen to see the complete article. I knew you were going a brave colour but now am even mroe interested in seeing them mounted. Colour in the sun will look crazy!
Colour is hard to capture on the pic as it looks brighter than it is, looks nicer in person.

Originally Posted by Tyso335 View Post
looking good mate, gutted uve beaten me to the red mirrors ive had this planned for ages lol told sam about this ages ago haha nice work bud
hahaa there's more than 1 red mate, so crack on

Originally Posted by notyetguilty View Post
Looks amazing the red and black combo was daring but paid off very well! looking forward to seeing wheel on car pics!
Cheers mate, appreciated

Originally Posted by P 5UML View Post
hahaha iv already seen the car and wow is the colour amazing! the pics do not do it justice its such a deep colour very very nice!!!!

wheels although marmite due to the whole face being red i think it really works well!!! you chose a perfect colour to do it with mate

:coo l:
Cheers summil. Its grown on me now so im happy with the colour .

Originally Posted by Ste133 View Post
Really looking forward to some more pictures..

I can't believe you are selling. What are you moving to next?

I guess you won't have a problem shifting your bits with these vultures hanging around
Cheers Ste

Im not sure, problem I have is I need the diesel for work but im a petrolhead at heart. C63 appeals at the minute with a small diesel for work.

Im not even selling yet and the vultures are asking for 1st dibs

Originally Posted by AWBimmer View Post
I am a vulture
Indeed, glad u admit it sam
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