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Originally Posted by mistryn View Post
HotCoupe - can you give more details about the issues your friends car? what sort of gearbox issues?
The changes in gears both up and down are very erratic, and far from normal,there is also a suspicion that the torque converter is playing up.
DTC warning light is permanently on, and is not working at all.

BMW won't touch it without a hefty diagnosis fee upfront and don't really want to know owing to the modifications.
The car was red flagged by BMW quite some time ago,and his only real option is a good indy.

Originally Posted by Si-335d View Post
Hotcoupe, I will see if I can get the dyno on here at the weekend which shows the 360BHP. the 378BHP is an estimate and I have no dyno for that. I was making an assumption that between the straight through exhaust and the intercooler upgrade I "could" be getting around another day I may get a final Dyno on the car as I am not planning on anymore performance increases on it, other than ditching the RFT's to I can get all this insane power to the road. The Quaife LSD has helped alot but some decent tyres should finish the job nicely.

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