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Juice Box Stg 2 tests 12.9 @ 110.9mph on Racelogic Vbox.

This morning I had a chance to test my car with both my Gtech Pro RR and a Racelogic Performance Box (GPS based) at the same time. Amazingly, I reeled off three straight runs at 12.9 on both the Gtech and Vbox. The mph on the Gtech has been known to be somewhat conservative compared to the Vbox, so you can see that is the case here. So at least you know my terminal speeds that I have reported previously aren't optimistic. Also I had a chance to instrument a 335i belonging to a forum member. It is a Proceded V1.47 E92 335i steptronic coupe. On his car the Gtech was almost 1mph too conservative, but the ETs were right on. My quickest times and mph were a tiny bit faster/quicker than the Procede 335i, but so close, there is no real world difference. In fact, we ran 3 roll ons with pretty much identical results. There couldn't be 2 cars that were matched any closer than his Procede 335i E92 vs my JB2 335i E90. He can chime in if he wants. My car consistantly ran 110mph+ in the 1/4 mile,. His car ran from 109-110.5mph. We probably did a total of about ten 1/4 mile runs. FYI..with results from both test instruments, you can probably bet the results are pretty accurate. If you look at, you will see that 110mph is great for a 335i. I guess the 60F temps, and ambient conditions were fairly ideal. With 110mph trap speeds, and traction, the car would probably be capable of upper/mid 12's in the 1/4 mile.
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