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Originally Posted by cvc 22349a
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Rotor, thanks. Well, today I drove 25 miles or so on various road types with front at 13 and rear at 15, and I thought it felt perfect. Will be interesting to see after tomorrow when I get on the ARC-8 wheels and Michelin PSS. Look out Sebastien Vettel. Hah!
Interesting that you like the rear firmer than the front.. I know that to reduce pitch and balance handling with Koni's and KW's it's best to set the front firmer than the rear
I guess that will be my next experiment.

One website gives this opinion about front and rear relationships with regard to damping:

Stiffer front damping (bump and rebound), increases grip at the rear of the car, increasing understeer characteristics.
Stiffer rear damping (bump and rebound), increases grip at the front of the car, increasing oversteer characteristics.

Damping Effect On Cornering:
Front Bump Increase= Understeer.
Front Bump Decrease= Oversteer.
Rear Bump Increase= Oversteer.
Rear Bump Decrease= Understeer.

Front Rebound Increase= Understeer.
Front Rebound Decrease= Oversteer.
Rear Rebound Increase= Oversteer.
Rear Rebound Decrease= Understeer.

Other members may have different opinions or thoughts.
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