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Originally Posted by x986 View Post
I'm the original owner of a 2007.5 coupe with the N54 that I picked up at the factory. (The mid year changes mainly consisted of extra colors and an I-Drive improvement that gives programable buttons.) I have 50K on it, and have NEVER had a problem with the engine (or anything). I got the Dinan tune (there was only one at that time, 400hp and 400 #/ft) when the car was about 4-6 months old. The car has the factory oil cooler and has been through all the factory recommended and mandatory updates for the HPFP problems. Only one of the reflashes wiped out the Dinan tune, and I had that re-installed for the cost of 45 min. labor for a Stage II tune.

The bottom line is that this is the greatest car ever made! I have NEVER kept a car for more than 2-3 years, and this one is 5 years old. I'm starting to get the new car itch, but other than a very few minor things, there is nothing out there better, and I will probably keep it.

My experience says: "If you're thinkiing of keeping your N54 beyond 30-40K, do it. If you're thinking of buying used, do it. Don't worry about the OLD bad rep."

+1 2007 msport and still happy. Want to buy or tinker but aside from hud what the hell is there better?