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Originally Posted by hotrod182 View Post
GPS device posting the same numbers as my Gtech, which has posted the same times as the track? Maybe if you saw a time slip you might not believe its mine? Read up on how accurate the GPS units are. How about my running against the V1.47 Procede car 3 times. How about the fact that I actually drove his car for some of the timed runs? What now? His Procede is defective? Well thats funny, because his 335i is pretty fast in how bad it beat some of the other 335i BMWs around here. Oh, and to answer your question, I think Beltronics are one of the worst units out there. I don't know why you would bother to own one, LOL. And quit being selfish, if everyone else thought the devices posted non-meaningful results, you wouldn't have 1500 people viewing a post with part of the title saying "Timed With Gtech". I'm sure many appreciate the time and effort that one makes in comparing the 2 cars head to head, and after about 10 timed runs. So just don't view the post if you can't say anything positive, or with some logical substantiation.
Hotrod, great job, and feel free to mention my results on the 335xi on the east coast with the jbs2 which i compared back to back to my 997S. Frankly, I don't know if this can be documented any more than we have...let haters and deniers say what they will, your comparison to the racelogic further validates the results. Surprised the jbs2 keeps up with the procede v1.47 even though it generates less hp and torque on the dyno...