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Originally Posted by Topaz View Post
THANKS 320sitr

" throttle potentiometer " in dutch is .....

I went to my dealer this week, they said there was (still) no solution at this point.

They told me to call BMW Belux, so I did. BMW Belux promised to investigate it. Haven't heard from them since.

Monty ? Tell us more please
Hi, when BMW dealership changed throttle potentiometer it was at the request of UK BMW HQ Technical people, they explained that the symptoms indicated an air leak or that the ecu was occasionally forgetting the idle start and stop positions of the mass air flow meter this was in effect masking the real cause (in previous generation fuel injection this was controlled by mechanical stops and a wiper arm that acted as a rheostat. My 87 Range rover constantly needed this bit cleaning to smooth out idling). So I don't think it was a simple case of plugging in the OBD and the engineer being told to change the throttle Potentiometer. This required a bit of thought by the boffins. I am suprised that BMW UK have not relayed this fix out via the service bulletin system to all BMW dealerships.
If your dealerships are struggling to sort out a similar rough idling snag to my own, then I suggest they contact Rebecca at Sycamores BMW service department and ask how they fixed Paul Leggett's 320si. I hope this helps.