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Hello guys.
Yes, I drove my e92 Coupe with my v1.47 and VBox 55 miles to meet up with Hotrod to compare the VBox to the GTech PRO RR.
As Hotrod reported, our two cars basically ran the identical times.
We decided to do a couple rolling runs from 30-120 starting in 3rd to see if it was a fluke that we both pretty much got the exact same times on the VBox.
And on the rolling runs we were side by side, neither car pulled on the other.
Our total weights were within 15 pounds of each other (I had a few gallons more gas in my car and was carrying a 20 lbs sand bag to boot, to offset the fact I'm about 5-7 lbs lighter and the coupe is 22 lbs lighter).
My car had only 1650 miles on it and his 5400 miles.

There are a couple things to point out.
First, JB2 advertises 40+ whp gains and 50+ lbs-ft of torque.
In my sedan, the v1.4 PROcede added 47 whp, but 70 rwtq.
I have not dynoed my coupe however to see the gains, but it's clear that at least in Hotrod's car his JB2 was making the advertised 40+ rwhp which is pretty much right where the v1.4 PROcede did for my sedan (again 47 rwhp).

Second, though he could not really feel it, I think the PROcede still has a bit more low end torque (again my sedan showed +70 rwtq, the JB2 advertises 50+ rwtq). This was evident in trying to launch my e92 coupe compared to his sedan.
Though my wheels are a couple pounds less each than his, it was far more difficult to launch without wheelspin (evident in the inconsistent times we both got) in my coupe, whereas he could launch harder and more consistently in his sedan with less wheelspin. We both tried different launching methods in my coupe and the additional wheelspin at launch often ruined getting a good time and drop the ET's by .2-.3 seconds and resulted in 109+ mph traps instead of consistent 110+ times.
Then Hotrod tried one additional time in my coupe.
Interestingly after nearly 8 straight runs in my coupe, with the engine at it's hottest, and the outside weather now 5 degrees warmer than it was when he ran his car, he got a pretty good launch in my car and got the 12.9 @ 110.5 time right where his car was.

Third, before drawing too many conclusions with the JB2 and the PROcede v1.47, it is necessary for Hotrod to run against one or two other JB2 equipped cars.
It is pretty well documented that his car is a bit of a factory freak in the power department.
At German Invasion, his stock car ran within .1 tenth and under 1 mph of what a Turbo Tuner equipped car did, and several tenths and 1+ mph better than any of the other stock cars.
In fact, I think he was within .2 seconds and 2 mph of what the PROceded cars ran that day.
Further, I have not ran my coupe with the PROcede against any other cars.
My sedan was a pretty strong runner and dynoed stock near the top of all the auto 335i's at the LA Dyno day install.
I'm not sure, but I don't think my coupe runs quite as strong either.
It may be down a couple hp compared to my sedan.

In my sedan, with PROcede v1.2 you've all seen the videos of it walking a Turbo Tuned manual Coupe, even though I had like 60 additional pounds in my car too. Supposedly the JB2 and Turbo Tuner make equal power.

Therefore, it's possible, and maybe even probable, that Hotrod's "special" 335i with the JB2 is stronger than most JB2 or Turbo Tuned cars, since it's clearly stronger stock than most stock 335i's. My coupe maybe a few ponies less powerful than my sedan also, I don't know. So it's probable that his strong running car (combined with my coupes possibly being a few ponies less powerful than my sedan nullifies the PROcede's slight power and torque advantage we've seen in dynos.

The two ways to know this for sure is for Hotrod to run 1 or 2 other 335i with the JB2, or for me to run another car or two with the JB2 (soon before my v2.0 shows up) and see.
If either Hotrod, or myself clearly outrun the other 335i's with the JB2, we know that the PROcede v1.47 really does make a bit more power than the JB2, and as we already know in stock form, Hotrod's car is special, and that extra power is showing even with his JB2
This does not take away anything from either tune.
Though it's clearly a great bang for the buck purchase the JB2 clearly gives the 335i more power and possibly equal hp as the PROcede v1.47 (TBD until other JB2 and v1.47 cars run side by side), I still question it's safety from a non-experienced tuner and it's quality of tune. Same goes for the reason I wouldn't use the Turbo Tuner either.
Please, no flames about that, it's the same reason I don't buy many "made in China" products, you get what you pay for and usually sacrifice quality/safety to save a few bucks.

It was good times either way. And as he said, at least with our two particular cars, they could not have been more equal, they were dead nuts side by side.
As I told him after seeing his car run at German Invasion and nearly equalling the Turbo Tuned cars ET's and traps, he has a special "ringer" of a 335i and needs to hold onto it, that's for sure.

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