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BTW guys, I volunteered to drive to his place.
This meeting was more for us to compare the GTech PRO to the Vbox for accuracy reasons. The VBox by Racelogic is a consumer version of the same technology that is used by most of the car mags. Yes, magazines like Car and Driver use a Racelogic GPS based unit similiar to this VBox to record their times.

This wasn't intended to be a JB2 vs PROcede v1.47 comparo.
It just became that when we realized we got basically dead nuts same time on both cars....mine was at the slight disadvantage of running later when it was a bit hotter outside, and having a really hot engine, getting that time after doing 3-4 straight runs, "cooling" off for about 5 minutes, then doing 4 back to back runs and recording the 12.9 @ 110.5 on that last run.
Even before this meet, I said to Hotrod, "I don't think I'll get the best of times with my car, and I also knew his car was an exceptionally strong runner, so it didn't surprise me that even though the JB2 has dynoed 20 hp and 25 tq less in ONE test, that our two cars ran neck in neck.
His car stock ran like it had an extra 20 hp from the factory, basically keeping up (with 1/2 CL in the 1/4 miles) with Turbo Tuned cars.

I also know Hotrod's intent with this post was not to compare the two cars either, but rather, validate that his GTech PRO RR is quite accurate in his car.
Surprisingly so.
What we can't figure out is, why when we put it in my car it consistently read .05-.1 and 1+ mph slower than the VBox???
In his car it was within .05 and .3 mph each and every time.

No need to flame him for being excited that his GTech PRO RR is (at least in his car) extremely accurate.
His car is also extremely consistent in it's runs.
He also noted that he doesn't have the second oil cooler, yet his car runs just as cool, if not cooler than 335i's with the 2nd oil cooler. He never got up to 270-280 degree temps in his sedan like other early build sedans (without the second oil cooler) WILL quite quickly with repeated hard 1/4 mile runs. We don't know why either his particular car runs so cool, but again, his car is definitely blessed.