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Continued... The verdict... It works great!! It's pretty fast, the UI is good and intuitive. The sound quality is awesome, much better than sirius. Browsing through artist/folders is pretty speedy, it takes about a second to "load" the folder up, and moving around tracks seems just as fast as a cd. It remembers the last song played on your ipod and plays pretty instantly when you plug it in your car. Some additional features: There is a virtual folder of A-Z where you can quickly get to an artist or album in case you have a ton to scroll through. Discs 1-6 have different features... Suppose you are listening to a random playlist and Van Halen is playing. You can select one of the CD discs (CD-2 I think) to start playing all the songs from Van Halen or from that album. It's called Album Play or Artist Play which Dension had in their previous product. I've only been playing with it for a little while and definitely haven't touched all the features like random yet. I haven't tested the USB connection other than to hook up a usb drive to update the firmware, but large capacity usb hard drives should work well.

So, was it all worth it? Maybe, the cost was a bit high... $460 for the Dension, $120 for the cd-changer coding and $250 for the used cd changer which I can re-sell. Part of the reason I didn't want the dealer installed option was that I am leasing my car, the install cost was huge and the dealer was going to charge me to uninstall it. So with this, at least I can take it out, sell it or use it in my next bmw. Kind of bad timing that there is talk of a retrofit for the new ipod adapter, but I think this is a good option. I'm just glad its working on my car.
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