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I gotta say...this is a car I hope to hang on to for a long long time. The brilliant combination of breath taking acceleration with the ability to hit 40mpg if driven gently is insane! I predict this is a car my girlfriend will soon become jealous of as I know it will start steeling attention from her.

Saturday evening, empty stretch of interstate, my gf looked over and told me to go for it, she knew I was itching to mash the pedal and see how this rocket ship could go. In no time at all we were close to 140mph and still going...but at that point I lifted, rediculous torque / power. She commented that it was so smooth and quiet, did not even feel that fast.

I lucked local dealer knows I am a bit of a perfectionist with my cars, so they had the wheels fully refinished before delivery. 3 of them had very minor curb rash. I also got two new tires, fresh DEF flush, fresh brake flush, new cabin filter, new battery, and some other little goodies before I drove off the lot.

Gotta try this week and see if my old BT Tool can read the DDE.

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