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Originally Posted by Inspired View Post
If Stern and the refs were helping the Heat, wouldn't this series be over a long time ago? Why are the Heat still in a game 7 and have them risk getting eliminated if Stern were on the Heat's side? Why does the Pacers gets called less foul and gets more free throw attempts in every game?
You tell me what's better for ratings, Spurs vs Heat or Spurs vs Pacers. Game 7 all close calls are going to go towards Heat. Also why would the series be over a long time ago? As long as it ends in the heats favor, why wouldn't they take it to game 7? everybody makes money and ratings to up. The reason why pacers are getting more foul calls and ft attempts is because they drive in the paint and the heat foul. Roy Hibbert is destroying the heat. Lebron's not driving as much because of the pacers D and that's why maimi is not getting as many calls. It also doesn't help for the heat that bosh is a soft pu**y and wade is bricking every shot and missing FT's