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As far as I know the dealer "needs" the cd changer present to code the car or there will be errors. (Not sure if thats BS or not). I told them I had a "CD changer-like" device and just wanted the programming and they refused to do it without the official BMW cd changer installed. Apparently (someone correct me if I'm wrong) coding the car consists of selecting a "retrofit" program in the BMW computer and pushing a button.

They wanted to charge me for 1.5 hours @ approx. $180 but I put up a fight asking them how much to actually install the whole thing. So, since I was having other work done and it was taking forever, I got a "deal" at $120.

I mean, come on, I did ALL the work... Taking apart the back seats to gain access to the MOST distribution block, fooling with the wiring until I got it right.

Ha Ha, sure make me an offer on the CD changer, I don't think I need it any longer! It's the NON-mp3 capable player, however (2005 version), but it does the job.

Originally Posted by zenmaster View Post
Does the dealer technically require the CD Changer in order to "code" the car?

How much time does it take to "code" the car?

What is actually being done for the $120?

I may have to buy that CD Changer from you. It could be passed around the forum like a hot potato.
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