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Originally Posted by VNeBLOB42 View Post
take out the DCI and put the stock airbox in when you go to dealer next. Just don't give them any reason to turn you away.

Try another dealer..
ha threw the code (wink wink then back to stockreally easy) took out the DCI and brought it in...First BMW dealership I brought it in to said they re-flashed my ecu to see it thatll fix it, turns out it hasn't been touched since 2010 and to add other problems apparently my thermo has been tampered with and the wires were pulled out - ya that BMW dealership didn't do any thing basically iv been driving an over heated car for the past couple months; isn't that nice....well after all that, this new BMW Dealer which is really kool and a real sweetheart ladie of a SA ("Xxxxxxx of Bxxx Sxxxx BMW in StPete) had me pay for the repairs and reflash (understandable) a phone call yesterday - parts are coming in and I asked what parts? The best part of my day - Well, your turbos and wastegates of course she answered.
Yep all it took was another BMW dealership and a thrown code.

haha this time next week il be rolling on 2 new snails

pm me on the code

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