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Originally Posted by RallyRcrr View Post
What kinda of $$$ are you talking? Can you point me to a specific part or set of parts? I'm interested in some suspension upgrades. Bushing and suspension work aren't an issue for me, and can get those swapped out relatively easily. So what does that leave me for pricing out the bushings? I'm assuming all you're talking about for the rear is a bushing set and sway. Is there anything else?

BTW, I did do a search but couldn't locate anything concrete as far a link to parts or a part number to search. Tried going through Grinchboy's possible locations, but no one gave any specifics for a 3 ser. I found bushings online for a 3, but is there are particular set? Any info you can give would be helpful. Thanks!
M swaybar kit

M Bushings