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Originally Posted by 335XI///M View Post

I thought about it and decided whatever minor performance I may gain will never justify the cost for me. This setup has 100% eliminated any understeer I was able to get before. Like flooring it going left onto a freeway on-ramp. Used to understeer like crazy, totally gone now!

Edit: I can now get the car to OVERSTEER on a dry road, with traction control 100% ON, and new Y grade tires...
And Yes it's an Xi and No i dont have a LSD lol

I dont track the car and it's my sole vehicle and DD so I dont think I push it hard enough on the street to need the M bushings and rear sway. If I had endless $ to throw at it would be one thing, but unfortunately that's not the case LOL

Now if I keep this baby forever and end up making it a track car.....
Yea I totally understand. My best friend for the last 20 years is a mechanic and a BMW driver/enthusiast so he does all upgrades with me at his shop free of charge. So I just have to pay for parts(which is still expensive) If I didn't have him I would either not have half the upgrades or I would be divorced since my wife would leave me due to my ridiculous spending.