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Originally Posted by Spydeputy View Post
What ever you do, paint it the same black as your wheels.
I did gloss black to match my trim.
I'll look into that, yours looks great!

Originally Posted by tres View Post
Everyone is saying performance but i don't want it looking out of place.

Originally Posted by Blindside_137 View Post
I say it depends on your rear bumper. If you have an aggressive diffuser then get the performance.

Looks like your rear bumper is stock. I'd go with the M3 spoiler painted in that case. Search for pics of my car that's what I have on space gray with black wheels.

I prefer color matched spoilers on lighter cars.
I completely agree with what you're saying and it'll definitely look out of place now but i forgot to mention i have an mtech rear and m3 side skirts coming on very soon. I think the diffuser is gonna stay stock for now but might end up changing it later on.

So the spoiler will be complemented with some added aggressiveness from the skirts and the mtech rear. I really can't choose but i might play it safe and go with the M3 spoiler.

Originally Posted by JS82 View Post

I have the M3 spoiler and it looks great on my stock bumper, the performance spoiler would look out of place and too aggressive.
Now that I have the M-Sport rear waiting to get painted I'm thinking about getting the performance spoiler and diffuser.
My M-tech rear is also going on soon so that's why i was wondering. With the stock bumper, it'll look outa place but I think the M-tech rear might complement the perf spoiler nicely.

Still extremely indecisive
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