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Anyone know if it's ok to resurface BMW rotors? I put new EBC ceramic RED brake pads onto my existing rotors without resurfacing them (I also got the spray on disc brake quieter) but they squeal like crazy when I'm braking at slow speed after they've warmed up a little. The car has 55k miles on them and I believe this is the first brake change. The inner and outer edges are pretty high and then sink in a bit where the main pads hit the rotors so I'm thinking that's what's causing the squeal. The EBC Red brakes have an anti-squeal shim on them so I'm assuming the squeal is more coming from the the uneven rotor surface or edges. So my question it too late to try resurfacing the rotors since I've put about 100 miles on the brake pads? (and does BMW even sanction resurfacing rotors or are they simply 1-time use?) OR should I just paste on some anti-brake squeal on the backs of the pads? HELP! The squeal is killing me!!!