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Originally Posted by doyleon View Post
Would this work as a handsfree?

My Bluetooth has stopped working and a new ULF & recode will cost 250+

When i listen to music via audio jack from iPhone and a call comes in i can hear the person through the speakers. Just seeing if anyone would recommend this as a boj job fix? Obviously the phone would need to be near by for microphone to pick up sound.
Definitely not, no. It will stream stereo audio in one direction. And for $8, there's not any chance in hell they've licensed codecs for the connection that don't suck, so it's basically guaranteed to sound bad.

You do have other, much cheaper-than-a-mulf options though.

Griffin makes the BlueTrip, which I wouldn't recommend unless you have the smoker's package with the lighter outlet right under the radio. If the lighter outlet is in the armrest, the mic won't be located well at all for calls.

Belkin makes this, which is slightly cheaper and much better set up for E90s. The puck-shaped button/mic unit can be located anywhere, while power and aux plugs are in the armrest. I'm pretty sure the button on the belkin can also be used to activate Siri, so that's a major bonus.

There are many newer threads on this to look for. Probably within the last 2-3 pages of this section, even.