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Originally Posted by ashmostro View Post
I personally would look into track pads and fresh hi temp fluid. Rotors will be fine if cleaned and bedded properly.

I am hard on brakes so take it fwiw.
I just flushed the brake fluid and refilled with ATE super blue... so I'm good there.. thanks for the info..

Originally Posted by raceyBMW View Post
You will be fine with OEM, especially in beginner class. They are still very good, and will not fade too bad unless you are really hard on them, or are obtaining high speeds.
That's what I'm thinking.. plus my pad are almost new.. fronts have like 90%, rears have 99% (just changed them), and I flushed the brake fluid a month ago and refilled with ATE super blue.

Originally Posted by rheemix View Post
I ran Waterford Hills a couple of times on stock pads. Brakes will fade, but it'll still stop the car just fine. You just have to press the brake pedal a little bit harder. You don't get to build up a lot of speed at Waterford Hills, and it's a relatively easy-on-brakes track.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that although you'll get through the track day without any issues on stock pads, the pads will wear very fast in white smoke. So, if you plan on doing this on regular basis (2-3 times a year or more) you may actually save money by going with something better. If you don't mind changing pads for every event, getting dedicated pads is obviously better, but if this is something that you're not comfortable with, some dual-purpose pads, such as Cool Carbons or EBC Yellowstuff will last much longer than your stock pads while providing "some" improvement on brake fades. I ran Cool Carbon for about 30000 miles with about 6 track days.

Have fun at Waterford, and be careful at the top of the hill as there is no run off at all.
Yea I'm torn at the moment.. this will be my first track day ever so I'm either going to love it and be spending $$$ for improvements afterward OR it may turn out to be... not really for me so there may be no need to spend money on extras. I'm thinking I'm gonna love it though and be hooked! lol

Thanks for the info, I'm excited for Waterford hills! You didn't crash at the top of the hill did you?!?