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new owner, please help

My apologies for cross posting, I'm a noob and can't create threads yet. I'm a new owner of an 2007 e90 335i with iDrive (CCC). Just purchased 2 weeks ago with only 38K on the odo and in beautiful shape except for the nav not working. THe rest of the iDrive was fine, bluetooth, entertainment, etc. When putting in the nav CD though, it wouldn't recongnize it. So it appeared to be just a simple dvd player issue and I got one from an online parts dealer (new). get BMW or something.

I followed a DIY on this board for replacing the dvd player that was based on a service said no recoding was necessary for just the dvd player swap. Everything went the old one out with minimal effort and put the new one in. Then I went to turn it on to test before buttoning up all the trim and I got the following:

The iDrive screen shows the BMW logo for several seconds and then it goes to a black screen. Then it repeats itself. It seems to be in a boot loop or something. I've tried with the car off as well as with the engine running just in case it was a battery issue. A generic code scanner on the OBDII shows no codes thrown. So basically, nothing with the iDrive is working right now. Radio, bluetooth, nothing happens and nothing is displayed on the screen except for the BMW logo.

Anyone have any ideas?

I left the battery disconnected for a while and reconnected it. Nada. Also tried the manual reset method (press eject on both the CD and DVD and then press the radio power/volume knob). Oh, the dvd eject does work...I can hear everything turn on and it will both accept and eject the disc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!