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Originally Posted by deepsrd View Post
1- LDVS cable from CIC to CID (color code: Violet) - BMW , Hard to McGyver it.
2- USB connection to glove compartment (biege or white in colour) -
Get this and a USB cable, and you can make one urself :
3- GPS antenna signal connector (blue connector) - Ebay (search for Fakra connectors)
4- Black HSD cable from combox to USB / Aux in in the central console (part number 61119137935) You can make this urself, but it is 4 m long, and I would recommend spending that extra to get it from BMW.. (no signal degradation)
5- Mustard colour cable from combox (what is that for and where does it go to)? - Post me a pc? Not sure which one you are talking about.
6- Do I need cooling hose for CIC (or was that a requirement for CCC only)? No cooling hose.
7- CID connector wire - just a connector is needed, you can reuse the CCC CID wire , (if you are wiring in a non CIC car, get it from BMW)
8- CIC controller wire - KCAN needs twisted par, then power and ground. you can make this urself...

And anything else which is needed? - Emm for what?? ;-)

Any help appreciated.
You are star mate.
number 2, I prefer OEM solution so if I can get the real part number. With real OEM, they show all the cables together and its hard to know which one is for what.

number 3, I want to buy GPS cable from the CIC to GPS antenna. Need the part number.

number 5, I found out that it was for bluetooth cable.
I was referring to the connector to extreme left.

Do you know how does the bluetooth connector cable run?
Is it CIC ---> BT antenna under the passenger footwell?
or Is it from combox to BT antenna under the passenger footwell?

And other than that, I will need to know;
A- My car came with no harness. So in those cars which come with MULF2 or combox, those wires which goes to MULF2 or combox, where are those wires coming from?
As I will need to run new bunch of wires.
B- I need to buy MOST fiber loop from the rear MOST network to combox. Any idea what are the part number.