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As it was stated above, there is a rattling sound that gives you plenty of warning. I mistook it for the sound of the lifter, thus leaving the issue unattended while I found out what to do about the supposed lifter tick problem. That whole lower region by the engine was a mess and there was an uncontrollable oil leak for a couple days non stop. After the defective parts were confirmed: (timing belt, oil pump, brake booster), there were shavings from the oil pump everywhere. How the timing belt lead to the oil pump getting a hole blown through it and the brake booster failing beats me, but it happened. It may not be common, but that doesn't mean it may or may not happen to another fellow N51/52 owner. I just thought I'd share my experience and if it helps someone then great, if not then all the same. Cheers.
What mileage did the grenade at?