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Originally Posted by wunmagikalpinoy
i have an 08 e92 335i automatic transmission... When driving under high load conditions (uphill, spirited, etc) I SOMETIMES get the transmission malfunction light on the screen. The gear drops out of gear into a lower gear then goes into limp mode. This has happened about 3 times within the past 6 months. I would pull over turn off the car then turn it back on then everything would be back to normal. Everything shifts normal and then ill try to replicate the problem then nothing. Has anybody else experienced this problem?

I dont drive the car hard too often but sometimes its scary trying to go up a steep hill on the freeway for fear of having it drop a gear and throw the light then ill be stuck. Ive searched but i havent seen any threads with the same symptoms as mine..
One of my older BMWs did this when low on fluid. Hope that's the same for you.