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Originally Posted by qwert
Well I'm not trying to make my 325 into a 330...I was just looking for some cheap and easy ways to help performance a bit...
If there was such a thing BMW would have incorporated it into the design, upped the official hp number and sold your car for a little more money.

There simply is no cheap or easy performance mod for highly developed cars like a BMW E90.

Or rather there are such mods, but they have nothing to do with the engine:

- Learn how to drive (I mean really drive)
- Spec your car with as little equipment as possible (reduce weight)
- Clean out your trunk and interior of all the trash
- Take out your backseats
- Change your front seats for lighter racing seats
- Go on a personal diet
- Turn off the AC
- Buy the best fuel you can lay your hands on (highest octane)
- Keep the fuel tank close to empty

The list could go on for ever. Just leave the engine alone, itīs the area where your going to achieve the least.
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