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Originally Posted by soulfunk View Post
Hi Alex,

that sounds interesting, and certainly worth a punt. Any reccomendations on where to start looking at learning coding?

You have three options:

Local: get someone near you to do it. Many on the forum will. Prices range from ~100/session at a shop to $20-50 for people who do it occasionally to some do it for free or whatever you want to toss 'em. If you can find the last, this is cheapest, but usually it's expensive.

Remote: some people can do a remote code, you get a cable and they'll send you a virtual machine and do everything with Remote Desktop. This is easiest, but you'll pay for the time and the cable itself. Usually most expensive.

DIY: as usual, cheapest. You can get a cable for $50-100 bucks. For $100, you know it'll work (there's one shop everyone uses, missing the link now), but for $50 many more have had good luck than bad. I can send you my amazon link if I can dig it up. Advantage here is its $50 once for all the coding you ever need, but that's only if you can handle the setup headache. Of course, if you can't, you now have a cable for remote coding.

EDIT: Ahh, just noticed you said looking at LEARNING coding, not looking at coding.

There are a bunch of beginner threads in the coding section, and a couple are stickied. The trickiest part is finding a package with all the software and data files in one spot. Unfortunately all the software is copyright not-us, so nobody's willing to provide any easy links, kinda gotta do some hunting . It's not terribly hard though.

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