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Originally Posted by thegrinchboy View Post
Agreed. Thus the slippery slop of upgrades

I know at some point I will want the M3 rear subframe bits, just don't want to pay to have the back of my car taken apart again (and again) thus the consideration of just doing it once (again) and adjusting the Konis to a stiffness that I can live with long term. Given that I am currently at 1.5 off full soft at the rear (and mostly OK except for the chassis flex previously discussed), the thought process is that dialing it back to 3/4 or 1 off full soft should be livable even with the M3 bits. Of course would still like to hear your experiences with your upgrades before committing.
Sorry my mistake I thought you had dialed it back already and were going MORE stiff. Def dial it back some, 1.5 will be way too stiff. If it helps the stuff you need to do to adjust rear shocks does not cross over or have anything to do with dropping subframe or swapping springs.

The main thing for shock adjust is jack up rear of car, remove wheels, remove carpet drop out top of shock and mount, disassemble top shock mount and bump stops/dust boot. Adjust while shock bottom still bolted on the control arm.. Reassemble.

Except for jack up rear and remove wheels nothing else crosses over. It is way easy compared to the other stuff. In fact you might want to do it first while you contemplate other stuff. Swapping springs is super easy at that point too, maybe do that with the shock adjust as a first step.

Subframe bushings (M3 is far harder than just inserts and that was already hard enough) and rear bar are a bear.