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Cool. I'll be doing this soon. I saw one post where the person disconnected the battery and reconnected it in order to reset some sensors to account for the increased airflow. Is this something that's necessary? Are there any pros/cons to doing or not?


So I did the charcoal delete mod this afternoon. The process was pretty easy and gave me a chance to wash the airbox and vacuum the paper filter. So here are my frist impressions 'for my specific car' in my 'specific area of San Diego, CA': (I test drove it replicating my daily driving behavior as much possible)
- Engine rev sounds a little bit clearer and not so muffled
- Throttle seems to be a little bit more responsive, both during idle and when driving
- I did in fact notice a little bit more pull, most noticeably in 1st gear @ 2500 rpm (previously I only felt the pull around 3000 rpm in 1st gear)
- 2nd through 4th gear didn't seem as 'sluggish' as it did before, as if the car was breathing better and was able to reach the higher rpm range a little bit better than before

So for my vehicle, yes I do notice a very slight improvement. However it's not a jaw dropping significant as some people may want to expect. I'm hoping the car will run a little bit better and have better fuel efficiency once I do my 80k service and flush all fluids and replace plugs.

I can't wait to take it on the freeway tomorrow morning and see if I can notice any difference on the freeway (and gauge if there are any differences in 5th and 6th gear)

So far I'm happy with it, I mean it was a free mod so there was nothing really to lose.

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