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Originally Posted by JEllis View Post
Well its a good discuss item none the less....

After thinking about my answer a little more I came up with a little more honest of an answer.

In stock form I perfer the M3 for its looks and performance. If I didnt care about a warrenty then maybe the 335i would be the way to go. However, if I bought a 335i I would have to modify it both on the outside and inside to achieve the look I wanted as well as the performance. To me the M3 comes with everything I want all in one package and I dont run the risk of losing my warrenty or maintenance plan!

I also appreciate the small things that come together to make the M what it is. Carbon fiber roof and interior trimming, side gills, Powerdome, Quad Exhaust and all the other good stuff.

If I had the money I would definitely take the ///M over the 335i. But the fact that the 335i can be made a good deal quicker with a few cheap mods is disheartening.

Imagine you cruising in your M3 when a modded 335i pulls up next to you only to walk all over you three seconds later.
Just playing devil's advocate here.