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Originally Posted by makkan00 View Post
You are star mate.
number 2, I prefer OEM solution so if I can get the real part number. With real OEM, they show all the cables together and its hard to know which one is for what.

number 3, I want to buy GPS cable from the CIC to GPS antenna. Need the part number.

number 5, I found out that it was for bluetooth cable.
I was referring to the connector to extreme left.

Do you know how does the bluetooth connector cable run?
Is it CIC ---> BT antenna under the passenger footwell?
or Is it from combox to BT antenna under the passenger footwell?

And other than that, I will need to know;
A- My car came with no harness. So in those cars which come with MULF2 or combox, those wires which goes to MULF2 or combox, where are those wires coming from?
As I will need to run new bunch of wires.
B- I need to buy MOST fiber loop from the rear MOST network to combox. Any idea what are the part number.

I just ordered 84640441949 from BMW which is a retrofit kit for the Combox, hooks up to the most ring through the HU.

I'm due the kit and combox on Saturday morning, am planning on installing, and may be contacting you for some programming in the near future...

I intend to follow the guide attached within the following post:

Currently trying to work out how to add the USB functionality via your post and others!