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Originally Posted by philbert View Post
Hehe. Only time will tell.
But in this case comparing modded vs Stock is fair because your talking about a 20k or so difference in MSRP.

NO..... Modded vs. Stock is NEVER a fair comparison.
And if you think so race a STI with $6500 in mods and tell me how fair that was to you.
You do not know what the US pricing is so leave that one alone.

Originally Posted by philbert View Post
Plus you get easy gains and much better "tuneability" with a turbo engine as opposed to NA. So I'd say close to triple the price for the same gains on a turbo engine when compared to an NA engine
E46 M3 - VF Enginnering - 520hp/340lbft - $11,000
That's not triple the cost and it's already an M3

You will get easy gains on the 335 by uping the boost but you will also hit a wall very quickly with those small turbos not to mention running out of breath in the higher RPM.