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Originally Posted by raceyBMW View Post
Thanks for the suggestions! I only have 45k miles on my car, so shouldn't have any problems with the radiator at this point I wouldn't think. Plus the coolant I drained out looked pretty clear.

I will definitely try #2 next time. Do you just take a spray bottle to it? Or do you really need access to a hose? Just glad to know I am getting there on coolant temp management finally. Its so frustrating when you are in your groove on the track and then the car pull power and throws a CEL, just ruins concentration.
Racey, depending on what year your car is, you might still want to chuck that oem radiator. Anyways, I use a hose at the track, and really hose it down. You can use water in squrit bottles too, but you have to make sure you really soak the whole front. I also get my intercooler, and oil cooler from under the wheel well. I even leave it wet before starting the session, as rapidly evaporating water, further reduces temps. I use a hose in tracks with a hose. Ones without, I just go ahead and run, because I don't really have that much of a problem with water or oil temps, after changing my water pump, thermostat, and radiator, recently.
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