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Originally Posted by Keto View Post
Buying a car for mods is not necessarily a wise man's choice given warranty issues, durability and the like. It certainly may be an enthusiast's choice. You imply that for "around town driving" the 335i is enough, and that is certainly a reasonable opinion. If so, why do you need mods for straight line driving? Does your around town driving involve regular stoplight races? Purchasing a 335 over an M3 because the 335 is better for around town driving is certainly a very arguable opinion (if not the opinion of everyone here ) but it doesn't make sense to buy a car that is sufficient for your driving needs and then mod it to make it comparable to a car you think is overkill. Either you think the 335 is good enough or you don't, and if you don't, are mods really the way to go for most people? Aside from the hobbyist, I think not.
This is a good point, Keto.

The original poster sounds like sdiver reincarnated.

That said, it is clear the 335 can be very formidable when modded. A well modded 335 will be faster in a straight line than an E92 M3. Big deal.

It is not worth it to me to deal with all the little (and possibly big) problems that are inevitable when a car is extensively modified.