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BMW Paid Test Drive Pilot Project

Would you pay to test drive a car?

1. You log onto a website.

2. Join a community of car fans.

3. Pay to test drive a car of your choice.

4. Walk away without your data being kept by the dealer with no pressure to buy.

5. Repeat the process until you have decided on which car to purchase next.


Before you answer...

Are you aware that when you test drive you are part of a sales funnel?

Are you aware your data is kept by the dealership along with notes about you and are discussed at sales meeting by name?

Do you ever feel like the salesman is doing you a favour allowing you a test drive?

Are you aware the salesman is only going to get around 35 - 200 for selling you a car?

Do you mind having a "file" with your history on it without your prior consent with almost every dealer you have visited?

Wouldn't it be great to test drive like the old days - and be accompanied by a non sales member of staff.

Wouldn't it be great to experience a car properly without that pit in your stomach of how you are going to walk away from the dealership having not bought it there and then?