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Originally Posted by sleepy415 View Post
Just bought my 335i with 68k miles & realized I have this wastegate rattle...looks like I will be bringing it in to Peter Pan BMW sometime this month, & I will update this thread when it gets replaced.
Def post back. I took mine with 59k miles to Weatherford in Berkely AND Steven's Creek in SJ and they both punted on it. I put a camera in my back seat in both instances to see what the tech would do. The car sat there most of the day in both instances, eventually someone got in, drove around the block, and parked it where I left it. Later they both gave it a car wash. The end. No issues found.

They never even bothered to pop the hood. Without a code, they are both useless. I'm now nervous because *I* drive my car every day and hear ticking on startup from cold. I have 12k miles for it to either get worse or take it to someone who will actually pop the hood, pull the vacuum lines, and listen for the ticking to go away. With my annual mileage, I basically have a year and in that time my CPO runs out.