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Originally Posted by philbert View Post
Well, the 135is exhaust is a bit more restrictive. So stock for stock it should tie up with the 335i
It would be more appropriate to compare the 335 to the M3 as the design is pratically the same and is based upon the same basic body/chassis.
The 135i styling in my opinion, is hideous. Too small and bunch of other things.
Yea but the cost of replacing stock exhaust with a more free flowing exhaust will not be significant. The fundamental issue being compared is still bang for the buck and in term of bang for the buck the 135i series will win against 335i at a lower price. It will probably eat 335i on tight and curvy track and I am sure you won't mind 1 series owner posting their results on e90post for a discussion. In this case, I am sure all of sudden the 3 series prestige over the baby 1 series will become more important, along with size and leather quality. However, m3's prestige, heritage, and most important of all engineering are none factors and it is just a overpriced and over glorified BMW.

Additionally, I am not sure if the 335i and M3 chasis is as comparable as people claim it to be because of signification chasis modification made to the e92 chasis for the new m3.

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