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Originally Posted by steedsta View Post
well, had my cobb AP for a couple weeks now, been on map 2 sport, with my Turbo back exhaust,
yesterday on the way back into town, going about 70 i dropped it into 4th and did a couple pulls, and got a horrible sputter, missfire or detination, engine light came on, pulled over, shut the car off and restarted it, it was fine
i had the

missfire cylinder 6 code and the
P2DED code, i cant find much on that code.. still researching... guess Ill go with new plugs, id like to run a cooler plug.. i found a few guys running 7's they say they are made for the mini cooper S but work on my car.. I also found a page On HKS plugs, id love to run hks plugs. is there any HKS plugs that go right in, without any grinding of the plugs or what not
Put the ngk on . One step colder. Lots of threads about those, i have them on now. 0 issues .