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Originally Posted by whoever View Post
I heard you need to change oil soon after using the concentrate plus, true?

What about the lowest potency ones? I got 6x12oz for $10 from Costco. Wondering if I should use the low concentration ones maybe once every other month? Or skip it and just stick to one plus before every oil change.

Eh, sounds more of an urban legend about wearing off lead bearings. 1) Chances of high amounts of the mixture entering your oil stream is low, and if you have this issue, you probably are running 100k+ miles and have leaks in your gaskets 2) We have no idea what the bearings in our cars are actually made of, though I'd guess it's probably not lead.

I just put one in mine, and I did an oil change about a month ago and won't change my oil again for another year or so. Never been an issue for me.