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Originally Posted by Trainman View Post
I am still having shudder problems with my tires and rims,fronts are good but the back start shuddering a about 80mph, I have taken them back and had rebalance done but to no avail. Any info I can go armed with on my next visit would be appreciated.Dont know if its the tires or rims or both and I am obviously not gong to be able to live with the problem,completely happy with the set up otherwise. I guess I will make them drive it and feel it in person,up to now they wont even pull the car in,they have me do it! Ill take a sheet or something to put on the seats.
I see that you are in need of some technical assistance...

Allow me to offer you some help on this issue.

I have some 'experience' in this area that will help you solve your vibration issues. I feel your pain my friend. It drives me crazy if I can feel anything like that while driving. It's a very unnerving to say the least. (especially at high speeds)

I understand your situation, and I already have a strong suspicion as to the root cause of your vibration problem.

But I want to cover all the bases first...

Let's go over the basics first, so we don't WASTE TIME going over information that is already known...

a) You have 20" Beyern 25 spoke CAST wheels
b) You have 20" Toyo Proxes Tires (225/35 Front, 255/30 Rear)
c) You had a major vibration problem after installation, but this subsided somewhat after you had the wheels rebalanced again. (this didn't solve the problem and the vibration is still there)
d) You feel that your REAR wheels are out of balance and are contributing to your vibration problem
e) You feel this vibration at 55-60 MPH and it gets a lot worse at around 80 MPH
f) Your wheels rub the fenders under certain conditions

This is the crucial information that I need from you at this point:

#1) What is the REAR wheel offset? (I need the exact number, no guessing)
#2) What is the FRONT wheel offset? (again, no guessing)
#3) I need to know the shop where your wheels were originally balanced? (name and location)
#4) I need to know the shop that did the 2nd rebalance job? (name and location)
#5) I need you to tell me whether the BEYERN wheels were bought NEW from a dealer, or USED from another member or enthusiast? (same goes for the tires)
#6 Tell me the EXACT torque specs that were used to tighten the wheels onto the car?

I can promise you that this problem can and will be solved if you trust my directions.