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Originally Posted by mmahany
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Your right, I didn't relize oakley made those lenses. I'm basing all this off my real world experience being in law enforcement. Only guys wearing the oakleys from standardissue are kids coming out of the academy. Talking to other guys, it's because they prefer the looks of other glasses over the oakley that tend to look too sporty most of the time. I specifically agree with that. I like something more sophisticated or classy looking for every day. And a pair of shooting glasses are free for us.

Not to say also that a different law enforcement agencies will be different also.
Real world experience tends to differ quite a bit. I lived in a big military town and also know some of the local SWAT guys here in Austin.

The most common glasses I see worn are the military issue m-frames like these:

A bit off topic, but a friend of mine swears by those glasses. Dude is a professional badass: SWAT team, runs sub 3hour marathons, and he's 58 years old. If they're good enough for him, they're more than good enough for me.
Yeah M frames for everyday use is not ideal... Unless you want to look like you're dressed up for Halloween. But I wear half jackets for working out and daily shooting. Ray Ban wayfarers all other times
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