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Can Someone ID These Parts?

Hey, guys, I have a few questions regarding my 2006 330i. I recently bought it and I have a few questions.

First, where is my TCU module located? I have an issue with it and I can't seem to find it, all the online tutorials say under the trunk floor but my trunk floor is covered with this carpet-like layer and I can't seem to find where they could possibly stick a TCU module.

Second, I have these car parts in the trunk that I need someone to ID:

The black thing on the bottom has the words "BMW Safety Part. DO NOT REMOVE" and a BMW manufacture date on the back of it.

Third, while trying to look for the TCU, I opened this compartment that is on the left side (battery compartment is in the right side) of the trunk. Can someone tell me what this is? Judging by the metal fin design, it seems like an electrical component that would get a lot of heat, maybe an inverter?

Also, what is that wire that isn't hooked up to it? It's in some sort of wrap and is just lying there.

Thank you in advance.